Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mirror, Mirror…Not Just for the Wall

Custom Cut Glass NY

Today’s trend of mixing modern and eclectic pieces into one room makes it easy to experiment with unexpected hits of materials, finishes, shapes and colors.

One of our favorite materials to add to the mix in almost any room is mirrored furniture. These pieces have the ability to give masculine furniture added femininity and add a dash of glamour to any room.

It’s good to remember that mirrored furniture comes in a multitude of finishes. By picking a frosted or smoky glass the piece becomes increasingly neutral, lending to it’s ability to be versatile in your home.

The Mirror Furniture New York is a perfect example of a mirrored piece that can be transformed based on the finish of the mirror.

Many homeowners like to change the décor in their house multiple times a year by switching up accessories and the placement of furniture. By selecting mirrored pieces that suit the style of multiple rooms, redecorating on the fly can become even easier.