Thursday, May 3, 2018

Decorating with the mirrored furniture

If you’re in search of fixtures that are made from quality craftsmanship but won’t break the bank, consider mirror furniture that breathes elegance and sophistication into any home. These types of fixtures look just like regular furnishings, except they are covered in glass mirrors. There’s nothing quite like them, which is why they make such a bold statement in the home.

When you design with contemporary mirrored furniture, keep in mind that no matter how much you adore all of the choices available, you only need a piece or two in any room to maximize its impact on the overall decor.

In the bedroom

For example, in a bedroom grouping, one mirrored furniture chest or two night tables on either side of the bed are enough to set the contemporary tone of the surroundings.

Coordinate with a bedroom set that features pearlized finishes, matching tufted armchairs in prints that pick up the silver with light blue or black elements, and carpeting that compliments rather than matches your bedroom grouping.

In the living room

In a living room, choose a beautifully crafted coffee table with reflective surfaces to act as the center point of the space, and then build around it with select pieces that coordinate without overwhelming.

Add other smaller mirrored elements such as end tables, or place a looking glass over the mantle-piece to unify the look. These mirror furniture accent pieces will subtly bring the look of the room together without making it feel over done.

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