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Types of mirrored furniture

Mirrored accent furniture can breathe life into a room through the reflective power of glass. Most furniture pieces will close in a room and make everyone feel a little bit more claustrophobic but mirrored furniture manages to achieve the opposite effect and ostensibly blow a room wide open.

Mirrored bedroom furniture includes a variety of pieces. Side tables, dressers, chests, armoires, lingerie chests, vanities and even entire beds can be found with mirror-covered surfaces. While free-standing mirrors are a commonly used functional item, to help a home’s occupants when dressing, applying makeup, checking appearance, etc., mirror furniture is primarily used as a style element.

The style of some of these types of pieces can be contemporary or elegantly historic. Art Deco mirrored furniture frequently evokes a glamorous, old Hollywood feel, while simple pieces with clean lines and few edges have a more sleek, modern appearance.

Not all mirrored furniture is made alike. You can’t just slap some mirrors onto the sides of a piece of furniture and make it look sophisticated and refined. There are many styles of mirrored furniture that have developed over the years so that you can find just the right kind of piece to fit in with your room’s décor.

The most popular styles of mirrored furniture:


The art deco movement that began in the early 1960’s really fostered a sort of rebirth for mirrored furniture. The silver, black, and metallic art deco color schemes matched perfectly with the glossy reflecting surfaces of mirrored furniture pieces. If you are looking for that classic old Hollywood feel or just want to complete your art deco room you can count on art deco mirrored furniture.


Modern or contemporary furniture tends to play around with interesting shapes and curves. It is not uncommon for contemporary mirrored furniture to have design elements of octagons, cylinders, and triangles. Sleek and sexy is really the name of the game for contemporary furniture design. The idea is to create a look that takes a minimalist approach to design yet throws in many smooth curves and soft angles.


On the other hand you’ve got Borghese mirrored furniture, which is a little bit of an older Italian style. Borghese pieces often use glass cut at sharp angles and lots of cross hatching work to create a certain complexity. Borghese antiqued mirror furniture harkens back to the golden age of Venetian mirrored furniture and really focuses on tables and bureaus.

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